What treatment is available for Panic Attacks?

What treatment is available for Panic Attacks?

Conventional panic attack treatments such as drug therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy fall short of providing the supportive and informative framework required by sufferers.

A successful panic attack treatment will not only educate, but will provide a structured and curative process, giving constant reassurance and support to the sufferer. Panic attack treatments generally make no allowances for ongoing support, hospitalisation will provide the environment required to do so, but it generally approaches the process with drug therapy and irregular, short psychotherapy sessions. This completely misses the opportunity for an appropriate and successful panic attack treatment program to be implemented.

Many panic attack treatments concentrate on the so called 'cause' of the initial anxiety. Wrongly, the cause is often identified as the thing which created the initial high anxiety, such as bereavement, money worries or divorce for example. These are not the cause of the panic attacks, these are the catalysts. The cause of panic attacks is the inappropriately-adjusted anxiety level in your subconscious mind.

Any successful panic attacks treatment must address the inappropriate anxiety level in order to reduce and eliminate the panic attacks completely. Psycho-analysing and addressing the 'catalyst' can only serve to focus the sufferer on the very thing from which they should shift their focus. You wouldn't overcome bereavement by talking about the funeral every day would you? It's crazy to suggest that this could help.

Successful panic attack treatments must focus on tomorrow, provide a structured, informative and supportive framework and develop the reassurance that sufferers need to make a speedy and lasting recovery.

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